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Sentence Jumble rearrange the scrambled words to form a sentence

Shuffle find the two 6-letter words that have been shuffled together

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Boggle Sixteen letter cubes - 4 x 4

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Big Boggle 25 letter cubes - 5 x 5 - four or more letter words

Super Boggle 30 letter cubes - 5 x 6 - four or more letter words

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Letter Addition 2 missing letters

Letter Drop pairs

Letters Drop groups of three

Letter Replacement

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Each Groupie is a sentence
The computer will select a sentence at random.
The spaces in the sentence are then removed.
The letters of the sentence are then divided into 3-letter groups, "groupies".
The "groupies" are then placed in alphabetical order.
The object of the game is to rearrange the "groupies" to form words and a sentence.

Study the scrambled "groupies" and try to rearrange the "groupies" to form words and a sentence.

You will have to add the spaces between the words.
For example:


Deciphers to:

It costs more to avenge injuries than to bear them. You can type the answer in the text box.
To see the correct answer, click "Answer"

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