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Letter Pool Box

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The object of the game is to form words from randomly chosen letters. Words may be "stolen" from other player by rearranging or adding letters to existing words. The winner is the player with the most words when no more words can be made from the 90 random letters.
To Start:
Click the "Click for the Next Letter" button.
A red letter will appear. That letter will also be placed in the Letter Pool Box.
Each player will take a turn to click the "Click for the Next Letter" button.
When enough letters are revealed to spell a word, the player, during his turn, may then type that word in his player box. That player must also delete the letters that are used from the Letter Pool Box.
It is then the next player's turn.
A Turn A turn will start when a player clicks the "Click for the Next Letter" button. The click will be followed by a short period of time (see Time Limit below) in which the player can study the revealed letters and either type a new word, steal a word or end his turn.
Players may only make or steal words when it is their turn.
Acronyms, initializations, abbreviations, plurals, third-person verb forms and personal names are not permitted.
A player may "steal" the opponent's words by adding one or more letters from the Letter Pool Box or by rearranging an existing word. They may also safeguard their own words by adding letters or rearranging the letters. When stealing words, all letters of the original word must be used, plus additional letter or letters if available. Players may not steal just one or two letters from their opponents. They must use all of the letters in the whole word.
Examples include "sleep" --> "asleep" or "please"; "time" --> "timed"; "dare" or "read"--> "dread," "reader," or "reread"; "salt" or "last" --> "salty" or "salted," which may in turn become "unsalted." Similarly "beat" may become "table," "bleat," or "beast."
Players should be constantly on the lookout for possible steals.
When a word is stolen, it must be erased from one player's box and added to the other player's box.
The game will continue in this manner until all of the letters (90) have been revealed.
"Game Over - Count your Score" will appear when all of the letters have been revealed.
Challenge If one player believes that the other player has misspelled a word, he can challenge the word. A dictionary may be used to judge the word challenge. The loser of the challenge will lose the word and / or a turn.
To compute the score:
Players must agree to the counting method before the game begins.
1. Count number of words each player has in each player box. Player with the most words wins.
2. Count total number of letters in the words in each player box. Player with the most letters wins.
3. Players must also agree on the minimum word length.
4. Time Limit: Players must agree on the maximum number of minutes a turn will last (one, two or three minutes).
5. A round has occurred when each player has had a turn. The players may agree that the game will end after a set number of rounds (10, 20, etc.)
6. For a faster or shorter game, the players may agree that the winner will be the first player to make, steal, acquire or collect ten words at the end of a round.

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