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Word Square - Acrostic 16 cell (4 X 4)

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The object of the game is to compose words horizontally and vertically.
To Start:
Click the "Click for the Next Letter " button.
A letter will appear.
Select a vacant cell in the word square grid. Click on the cell in the grid, the cell will turn pink. When the cell turns pink you may then type a letter on the keyboard. To erase one letter, click on the cell and then press the "space" bar. To erase all of the letters in the grid, click the "Clear the Grid" button.
Repeat this procedure until all of the cells of the square are filled.
At that point the game is completed.
To compute the score:
A five letter word is worth five points.
A four letter word is worth four points.
A three letter word is worth three points.
A four or three letter word across must start in the first column.
A four or three letter word down must start in the first row.
Bonus: A five letter diagonal word is worth five points.
A perfect score is 50 points. (60 points with 2 diagonal words)
Words composed horizontally, must be read left to right.
Words composed vertically, must be read from the top down.
Word spelled in reverse, will not be counted.
After the cells of the word square are filled, count the words horizontally and vertically.
To play the game without a computer (pencil and paper game):
Print a word square grid for each player.
Two or more players can play (each with their own sheet).
Each player will take turns choosing a letter and announcing it.
After each player has written the letter in a cell of their own word square, the next player will announce the next letter.
Players must keep their sheets hidden from the view of the other players.
When all of the cells are filled, the players add up their scores.
The winner is the player with the highest score.
Rules can be altered under mutual agreement.
1. Words spelled in reverse order can be counted.
2. Four or Three letter words may begin in the second or third row or column.
3. On-line computer version:
Player can alternate (take turns) with the computer in selecting letters.
4. Player can click the "Next Letter" button until all of the letters (16 or 25) are shown.
The player can then place the letters in cells to form words.

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