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The object of this challenge is to test your ability to use your Psychic Ability to guess if the person the computer has chosen is alive or dead.

1. To start: Click "Click - Computer will select the name of a person" button

2. The computer will select the name of a "famous" person. The name will be stored in computer memory.

3. Decide if the person is alive or dead.

4. If the cursor is not blinking, click inside of the "Enter Your Guess:" box

5. Type "a" for alive or "d" for dead.

6. Click "Click for Results" button to see your score
       You will see the name the computer chose and if the person is alive or dead
       and your accuracy percentage

7. Click "Click - Computer will select the name of a person" button.
       The computer will select a new name
       and clear your guess and results


The computer will randomly select a list of famous dead persons or living persons.

The computer will then randomly select a name from the selected list

The names on the dead list are of people who have died recently (within 2 or 3 years)

For example: Elvis Presley died in 1977. That is over 40 years ago. He may have reincarnated. If he had reincarnated there would be confusion as to whether he (his soul) is alive or dead. By limiting the names of dead people to the recently departed, there is less of a chance of reincarnation.


A consistent score of 80% to 100% may suggest Psychic Ability.

A score of around 50% would be the same as chance.

A consistent score of 0% to 10% may suggest Psychic Ability.


It is very likely that someone who is not famous may have the same name as the famous person. This may result in a lower score or a score closer to chance. While the use of photographs would solve this problem, it would require more computer memory and storage space.

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