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Sidewalks are for Pedestrians

Sidewalks are for Pedestrians
The sidewalks in our neighborhoods are unsafe for pedestrians. Adults, riding their bicycles on the sidewalks, drive their bikes with a totally reckless attitude. They expect senior citizens, mothers with young children and the handicapped in wheelchairs or walking with a cane or a walker to jump out of their way. Even though there are "laws" (see Bicycle Rules) that prohibit an adult from riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, the laws have no deterrent effect (even when occasionally enforced by the police).
The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (Title II) required local governments to construct curb ramps at pedestrian crossings. The unintended consequence of this act has been to turn our sidewalks into bike lanes.

We are working to do the following:
1. An adult riding a bicycle on the sidewalk should be charged with a felony.
Tickets for riding on the sidewalk fall under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Control Board (ECB) not the Police Department.

2. The minimum fine for this offence should be $5,000.

3. Repeat offenders should be subject to imprisonment or community service in addition to fines.

4. When an adult riding a bicycle on the sidewalk hits a pedestrian, he should charged with assault with a deadly weapon. This should not be treated as an accident. If the pedestrian dies as a result of this assault, the adult bike rider should be charged with a homicide.

5. Businesses that employ deliverymen using bicycles should be subject to losing their licence to operate a business if their worker drives a bicycle on the sidewalk.

6. Signs must be posted alerting the public that riding bicycles on the sidewalks is prohibited. A no bike symbol should be added to all the sidewalk curb ramps.

The only way that the sidewalks will be safe for pedestrians is if there are severe penalties for driving bikes on the sidewalk. The police are more likely to enforce the law if the crime is considered serious by the community.
Join us. Write letters to you local representatives.
Write a letter to your City Councilmen.

New York City Council

Call 311 to file complaints.

Write a letter to the Mayor.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

E-MAIL the Mayor

Call "Live from City Hall with Mayor Mike and John Gambling" on Fridays from 5:30 - 11:00 am

Send us copies of your letters. We will be posting form letters soon. The life you save may be yours or a loved one.

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Last Updated: Sunday, August 1, 2010

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