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The object of the game is to rearrange or unscramble the letters to form a word.

  1. Study the scrambled letters and try to unscramble or rearrange the letters to form a word.

  2. Use the mouse to move the letters.

  3. Point to a letter with the mouse.

  4. Hold the left mouse button down and then drag the letter to the black line.

  5. Arrange the letters in the correct sequence to form a word.

  6. Click the "Check" button to see if your guess is correct.

  7. If your answer was correct, then click the "New Word" button.

  8. If your answer was wrong, then try to rearrange the letters.

  9. When you, click the "Hint" button, the next letter in the sequence will appear.

10. It is possible a letter sequence may have more than one correct answer.
If you feel that your answer was correct and the computer judged it "wrong", try to find an anagram for that word.

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